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Product Description

The BSD-2000/3D provides targeted deep regional therapeutic hyperthermia to solid tumors by applying radiofrequency (RF) energy. The BSD-2000/3D delivers energy to a patient using a power source and an array of multiple antennae that surround the patient’s body. The twenty-four dipole antennas of the Sigma Eye maximize the 3D energy convergence at the targeted treatment location.

The BSD-2000/3D was designed to provide an optimized heating zone targeted to the tumor region by utilizing the adjustment of frequency, phase, and amplitude from multiple power sources. Dynamic 3D control and steering of the heating pattern size, shape, depth and position provides optimized heating since the electromagnetic energy can be targeted specifically at the tumor region. The focus is not fixed at the center of the applicator, providing the system operator with significantly more freedom in positioning the applicator's heating region. The BSD 2000/3D hyperthermia system is designed particularly for treating tumors in hard-to-reach locations. This model is currently sold outside of the U.S.

Product Details

How is 3D Hyperthermia Applied? The targeted treatment area of the patient's body is enclosed by an eye-shaped applicator. Phase and amplitude steering is utilized to create the heating focus within the applicator. The 3D technology utilizes 24 dipole antennas of the Sigma Eye driven by 12 RF power channels to optimize the targeted heating. The 24 dipoles are arranged in three rings of eight antennas each. By varying the phase and amplitude of each of the 12 input channels, the operator can enhance the heating in the tumor and reduce the heating in non-target tissues.
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